Sylvester Stallone is eliminating any confusion after Jennifer Flavin petitioned for legal separation last week.

Following 25 years of marriage, Flavin, 54, petitioned for "disintegration of marriage and other help.

From the Rocky star at a court in Palm Beach County, Florida, on Friday.

Stallone 76 tended to reports that their separation came after he got a Rottweiler.

Dwight and a conflict over the canine set off different contentions that prompted the separation recording.

The entertainer let TMZ Wednesday know that.

While he and Flavin didn't completely agree over the canine's consideration. 

 Particularly since they are bicoastal and he often goes for work.

It didn't decisively prompt their split.

He likewise talked on his choice to conceal an arm tattoo he got of Flavin a long time back with a recognition for his late canine Butkus.